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Step 1 - Searching for Clients

To search for clients you are going to locate the “Client Search” which is located on the left side menu bar. This screen is where you can search for existing clients or you can search within the Dataphile holding tank to import a new client.

The client search page is shown below, you will notice a drop down menu and within that menu you should be able to select “Dataphile”, after selecting this you will be searching only in the Dataphile database clients. You can refine your search with a client last name then click the “Search” button.


Once you have located the client you wish to bring into the WealthPlanner+ you can simply click the “Select” link next the client entry of a joint account (if applicable). This will begin the process of importing the clients, and their accounts into WealthPlanner+. (Please note; this process will show all of your clients accounts from Dataphile)

Step 2- Assigning Dataphile Accounts

The first time you import a client you will be asked to assign the Dataphile Accounts associated with the client. To assign an account/accounts to a family member, select one, or multiple accounts from the "Unassigned Accounts" on the left hand side. Then select the "Assign" link to the right hand side of the family member, assigning the corresponding accounts associated with the client/clients. You must select one account to be the primary root for each client, and spouse. This process will be the same for all the client names that appear from your search (shown above). Each name has an account, or multiple accounts associated with it, and must be assigned to the correct family member.


After you have assigned the accounts click “Continue” You should now see the summary page of the client/clients, and the assets that have just been imported.


Step 3– Importing the remaining accounts

In order to import all of the remaining client accounts in to WealthPlanner+, you now must repeat the above steps with all other associated accounts the client/clients may have in Dataphile.

NOTE: below is a selection of an account associated with John only. You must select this client in order to import the account/accounts associated John. This will be the same for all other accounts that may be jointly, or individually owned. You will be required to assign the roots for each applicable account to the account holder. The search should produce the same results every time. Make sure complete this process for all account associated with the client/clients.


NOTE: Once you have completed this, you will be at the home page of the WealthPlanner+ the client will also be automatically selected. The user can now proceed to perform any normal planning as they would with a client they may have entered manually. This will be the same process for Single clients

Merging Two Clients

You may have clients with different last names, or no joint accounts. You must merge/marry the individual clients together in order to combine them in to one client. Import both of the clients individually you wish to merge/marry in PlanPlus. Locate one of the two clients you wish to merge, and then go to the Personal Information screen. Change the Marital Status to either “Married” or “Common, you will be presented with a message


NOTE: The selected clients Marital Status must be set to “Single”, “Widowed” or “Divorced” to continue with the merge. You cannot merge already married clients. If “Cancel” is clicked, the Personal Information page will refresh and spouse fields will be displayed for entry. You would do this if you were manually going to enter in the new spouse. If “OK” is clicked then the Client Search page should be displayed. On the Client Search page, enter any criteria to find the client to add as the spouse. By clicking the “Add” link will merge this client to your chosen client.

Please note: that when a search is performed, only clients who are not married or common law are shown in this list. Also, the currently selected client in whom we are adding the spouse will not be displayed. Once “Add” has been clicked, the Personal Information page will be displayed with the spouse information:

Hollis7.jpg Hollis8.jpg Hollis9.jpg

NOTE: Once you have completed this, you may now click the home button, and will be taken to the home page of the client. You have now completed the merge, and can proceed to perform any normal planning as you would with a client that you may have entered manually.

Workgroups & Secondary Advisor

Workgroups are user managed virtual groups within WealthPlanner+ that can essentially connect client files across many advisors together to be shared. The purpose is to allow client selection the same way the secondary advisor feature would work, but with an unlimited number of users. This would allow assistants to have their own login, and the ability to work on their advisors clients. The key point here is that the workgroups are user managed. In the event that the IA's must share client/clients with assistant, or other advisors please click the link below for full instructions. http://www.planipedia.org/index.php/Planit:Workgroups_and_Assistants

The Secondary Advisor field is a great way to share individual clients with other advisors. If you were to input another advisors ID in this field it will grant them access to the clients. Click link below for more details. http://www.planipedia.org/index.php/Planit:Personal_Information#Administration_Tab