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To assist you in learning more about WealthPlanner+, a series of WebEx sessions were schedule. If you were not able to attend one or more of the live presentations, you may view these sessions at your convenience by clicking on the links below. We hope you find these sessions valuable and informative! Note: Links will be posted immediately following live sessions.

Training Opportunities
Description of Session Comments Length Date Originally Presented Workbook Download Video Link
An Introduction to WealthPlanner+
  • Professional Level 1
  • Future Integration
  • Upgrade Benefits to Professional Level 2 or 3
View this session if you want to find out if WealthPlanner+ could provide value to you and your clients. This session will demo the key features of the system so you can make an informed decision. 45 Minutes October 3rd 2013 Handout View Presentation
Modular Goal Planning in Professional Level 1
  • Building a modular Retirement Strategy for your clients
This session will give you the knowledge you need to start using the Modular goal process flows right away. 2 Hours October 10th 2013 Modular Planning Workbook View Presentation
Investment Management Strategy with Professional Level 1
  • Creating an investment management strategy for your clients using an Investment Policy Statement
  • Incorporate implementation action steps that identify exactly what needs to take place to put your investment management strategy into place.
In this session you’ll learn about the investment management features in the system.

This will include integration to Morningstar and an introduction to the advanced investment planning component.

2 Hours October 17th, 2013 Investment Management Strategy Workbook View Presentation
Learn More about Upgrade Benefits
  • Life Planning
  • Cash Flow Based Planning
  • Estate Planning Features
  • Review Process
Your initial access to WealthPlanner+ is at Professional Level 1. If you believe you may benefit from upgrading your access to Professional Level 2 or 3, this session will give you a more in-depth understanding of the benefits and costs to determine your next steps. 1 Hour October 24th, 2013 Handout View Presentation