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PlanPlus and our partners like FinaMetrica and Morningstar believe that support of financial planning education is critical for the evolution of the profession, the betterment of the advisors and the best interests of the public. This belief is driven by a desire to see higher standards in the industry, but is also motivated by self-interest – we are not charities but build some of the top tools in the world today and advisors who do higher levels of planning will be looking for the types of software and training we each provide.

We also invite others who may be interested in sharing tools or materials that will be of value in the educational programs to also make these available through Planipedia.

Offer to Educators & Associations

PlanPlus offers the following solutions for accredited educational organizations and associations:

  • PlanPlus for Students – the same financial planning software as used by professional financial planners in various countries worldwide at this time. The professional version of this software retails for as much as $1500/annum US to professionals. The only differences between PlanPlus for Students and PlanPlus Planit are:
    • Limited number of client cases
    • Branded for educational purposes – not for use with clients
    • Morningstar product information and pricing only updated once per term.
    • No integration to back office systems for client data.
  • FinaMetrica Psychometric Risk Profile – A solution for true psychological test for risk tolerance. This tool is fully integrated to PlanPlus for Students.
  • PlanPlus Student Workbooks – an educational workbook that includes worked examples, student exercises and case studies. This workbook as been localized for:
    • Canada
    • Malaysia
    • Malaysia Islamic Financial Planning
    • Singapore
    • China (English – not translated yet)
    • United Kingdom
  • Instructors Answer Guide – a 60-page guide for instructors that shows worked solutions to the exercises in the Exercise Workbook.

Note: PlanPlus for Students is a fully web-based/Internet planning solution, hosted and maintained by PlanPlus in a secure IBM data centre. PlanPlus assumes all costs for hosting and maintenance of the system.


Access to the software is usually FREE based on the following conditions:

  • Used in conjunction with a recognized financial planning designation program (ie CFP), or university level degree (ie B.FP)
  • Under 250 students per semester

Fees may apply for:

  • larger program delivery;
  • Inclusion in for-profit training programs not associated with a designation or degree program;
  • Use of PlanPlus classroom training programs
  • Accreditation in the use of PlanPlus Planit.
  • Professional programs requiring help desk access or other services.

PlanPlus and its partners may elect at its discretion to offset any fees against academic achievement awards, contributions in kind to a charitable educational institution or other activity that further enhance the student, community and professional versions of the software.

How to Proceed

Registering your class is easy! To register your class email us at We will require the name of your institution, your class name, and your contact information. A region will then be created for your institution. Once your class has been set up we will send you the Class ID for you to provide to your students. Students can then self-register using the link provided below. Students will register their own IDs, names, etc. and link to the associated class in your institution.

That’s it! Simple, low management effort.