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How do I recommend an investment portfolio to my client's assets?
• Product Selection Choose Portfolio
• Matching portfolios to asset allocation recommendation

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This option allows you to choose a portfolio of assets you have already set up. Note that you must have set up portfolios in the “My Preferred Portfolios” on the home screen before this option is available. Start by clicking the “Select” link under the account you want to work with.




Now you can choose the portfolio you wish to implement for the account and as well chose the amount to be deployed. Then hit the select button.

TIP: You won't always want to deploy 100% of the money in an account into a particular portfolio. The program allows you to mix and match where part of asset funds are created by a portfolio and part of the asset funds that are created by choosing individual funds. Also you may be electing to leave some money in some existing products that perhaps are not liquid and can't be repositioned at this time . . . or perhaps some of the products currently held are acceptable and you don't want to sell them.

TIP: If you get to the point where you've done a lot of changes, but then feel you want to start over again, you can use the "Reset" button beside the account you are working on and this will bring the account back to do not deploy the full amount in an account and add funds to mix and match and then decide that you would like to just use the full amount of the Portfolio then you can use the “Reset” button beside the account. This will bring the account back to just using the full amount within the portfolio you selected.