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The Asset Allocation components of Planit are recognized in the industry as one of the most dynamic in any planning software available. The Asset Allocation screen is where you actually identify and recommend an asset allocation to your clients that fits with their investment needs. Check out the topics in the track below to learn about the various features and functions available for this screen.

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Asset Allocation Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada Malaysia
1 Introduction to the Asset Allocation Screen What do I enter on the Asset Allocation Screen?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Current vs target vs recommended
1 Video Video
2 Where do Rates of Return Come From? How does PlanPlus calculate its rates of return?
  • Source indices (by country)
  • Annual Rate of Return + inflation, weighted by % portfolio
  • Compliance and evidence
  • Return reduction feature reference
1 Video Video
3 Current Portfolio How do I interpret or edit the 'current portfolio' in the Asset Allocation screen?
  • Asset allocation from detailed assets
  • Show allocation breakdown of products
2 Video
4 Target Portfolio What is the Target Portfolio? What do I need to enter for the Target Portfolio?
  • Comes from Risk Profile and Portfolio Objectives
  • Selected vs Recommended
2 Video
5 Custom Portfolio How do I recommend a custom asset allocation for my client's assets?
  • Why you would do this
  • Asset Allocation Custom Portfolio
  • Data entry % or $
2 Video
Return Reduction Can I change the assumed rate of return used by PlanPlus Planit?
  • Understand where Rates of Return comes from
  • Planning assumptions, return reduction
  • Be able to justify
C Video
Add a Portfolio How do I put an account into a new investment portfolio?
  • Add Portfolio from account
  • Portfolio description data entry
  • Assign portfolio objectives
  • Selection and validation of type
2 Video
Portfolio Mapping How do I properly use investment portfolios for different accounts and risk tolerances?
  • Portfolio designation by account
  • Risk Profile tolerance levels
  • Portfolio Objective questions
  • Selection and Validation
  • Asset Allocation Recommended Portfolio
1 Video
Summary Asset Allocation How do I enter the current asset allocation of my client's summary assets?
  • Brief screen orientation
  • Data entry fields $
  • Data collection required
2 Video