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To effectively use PlanPlus Planit, training is essential. That’s why PlanPlus provides a library of Training videos. While these videos are helpful, sometimes applying what you learn to real life cases isn’t as easy as one might think. That’s why PlanPlus also offers a case consultation service. The case consultation service allows the user to have their client cases reviewed by an experienced PlanPlus technician who is knowledgeable about both the software and planning concepts. This second pair of eyes reviewing your early cases can be a valuable learning experience because you see how theoretical concepts learned in training cases translate into your practice.

Here’s how the Case Consultation service works.

  • Do all of your data input for your client and run the documents that you feel you would want to use for your client.
  • On the client’s Engagement Screen, you’ll find a tab called “Administration”. Enter the case consultation support code that is provided to you in this field. This will be the ID of the PlanPlus technician who will be helping you with your case. Enter it into this field and then <Save>. By doing this you will give us access to see this particular client for review purposes.


  • You are then ready to request a case consultation. To do this you should send us an e-mail addressed to Be sure to put “Case Consultation” on the subject line.
  • Your Email should include the following information:
    • A brief overview of your case
    • Any concerns or specific questions/objectives you have
    • One or two times when you would like to arrange a phone meeting to discuss your case.
    • Identify the version of the software you are using. This would be the name of your corporate sponsor or whether you subscribe to a general site.
  • After sending your e-mail you should also fax to our office a signed Case Consultation Waiver Form. The Fax number is 705-324-8002.
  • Upon receipt of your e-mail and waiver form, we will review the data, screen by screen to determine if there are any obvious problems. We’ll also review your overview and specific questions and or objectives and identify how you should proceed. We’ll then e-mail back to you any additional questions we have about the client and indicate a time slot when you can call to review your case.
  • During our phone meeting our focus will be on how you can best proceed to complete your case. This will include:
    • Suggestions on ways to improve your data collection and input.
    • Help in understanding the auto modeling process.
    • Answers to your specific questions and or concerns.
    • General observations on how to deliver your advice and recommendations to your client.
  • Once the case consultation has been completed, you should go back onto the Client’s ENGAGEMENT screen and remove the Code from the Secondary Advisor field. This will lock us out from seeing this client in the future. This allows you to limit the review of the data to a temporary access and then remove these rights so we no longer can review your client data.

Case Consultation Fees The fee for case consultations vary depending on the Advisor’s jurisdiction. In most jurisdictions, the consult will be $150 per case for a time commitment of up to 1 hour. Many advisors have found the case consultation service a valuable way to again a high level of confidence with PlanPlus Planit. Advisors can register for their Case Consultations here. A waiver form must be completed in order to proceed with the Case Consultation. Advisors can complete their waiver form here