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The material in this video may differ somewhat from what you see on your site due to difference in version, jurisdiction, corporate content or access level. Regardless of these differences most of the core functions are consistent across all sites, so you'll be able to benefit by and large from what you learn in this video.

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The Change Your Profile link is where you can identify your personal information. This information is used for several purposes.

Personal Information

Your name is identified here and will be used in any documents you create for your clients. Be sure to use the form of your name you’d want to see on your documents for your clients. For example if your name is Robert, but your client’s know you as Bob, you would identify yourself as “Bob” under the First Name field.

The "Preferred Language" field is the language that your prefer to use. What ever you have selected here will also be defaulted to any clients you may add. So if you have your language set to French, then every client you add into the system will also be set to French. You can then override the language for each individual client. This language setting also determines what language the training application, “Email Training Tips”


The "Company" filed is also used in the documents so please be sure to input this as you would like it to appear within the documents.

The "Email" field is a mandatory field and must have a valid email address, in the event you forget your password so a new one can be emailed out to you.

The "Mother’s Maiden Name" field will be used for security purposes in the event that you forget your password. On the Login screen, you have the option to click on a “Forgot Password” link, which will ask you for your mother’s maiden name, it will then email a new password to you. The email address identified here in your profile is where this email will be sent.


Identify your street address, city, province, postal code and country of residence.

Whatever province or country you provide here will be used as the default when you enter in new clients into to the system. For example, if you are located in Ontario, Canada, any clients you create will default to this same jurisdiction.


Workgroups are user managed virtual groups within Planit that can essentially connect client files across many advisors together to be shared. The purpose is to allow client selection the same way the secondary advisor feature would work, but with an unlimited number of users. To read more on this please click here.

General Assumptions

Under the "General Assumptions" you have a few tasks you can complete concerning your profile within the software.

Remind Me of Upcoming Tasks

Task Management feature is to help you keep on top of any tasks that you schedule for your clients and provide you with a reminder of that task at hand. Within this screen, you can set up how often you would like to receive pop up messages, to remind you of various tasks you have set up.

You can change this to either weekly, monthly or have no reminder messages.

Time Zone

The Time Zone field allows you to change to your own time zone. This is all set to our system default of EST but you can change it to your own time zone. We suggest you go in and change it because the software will now use that time zone when it does the time stamps of when you create your clients and planned review dates.

FinaMetrica Risk Profile

The Finametrica Risk Profile field allows you to set the default to your most commonly used Risk Profile option when you land on the Risk Profile screen.


Regional Branding

This is an exciting feature which gives you the ability to customize your PlanPlus Planit with your own branding. This allows for the site to have a unique look and feel and also allows the reports and documents generated to use cover page images and logos that are yours and yours alone. This is accomplished by simply uploading images that meet size and file type requirements.

When you hit the Regional Branding button you will be brought to the page where you can upload your images. These images should have already been created and stored on your computer. Also you need to take note to each image size settings, they must be within the paremeters or this upload will not work.


Website Tab

This allows you to customize the site, you can change the Header Image, the Header Image must have a width of no more than 900 pixels, a height of no more than 108 pixels, and have the format of PNG.

The PDF Cover Page Image must have a width of no more than 143 pixels, a height of no more than 43 pixels, and have the format of PNG

Documents Tab

This is where you can customize the documents which are the ones that are run from the Working Documents screen.

Document Header Image must have a width of no more than 148 pixels, a height of no more than 43 pixels, and have the format of JPEG

Document Cover Page Image must have a width of no more than 838 pixels, a height of no more than 1,042 pixels, and have the format of JPEG

Once you have created all the images in the correct format, you then click the Change Button and browse the the file you wish to upload.