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How do I add detailed information on my client's disability insurance coverage?
• Insurance screen, add
• Data entry fields required
• New appearance of Insurance screen

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On the insurance screen click the “Policies” link. You will first need to add policies. Click the Policy link, which will bring you to a screen where you can enter all the information on the account. Once you have completed all the information you may then hit save. It will bring you to a listing of all insurance accounts. Once you are done entering your accounts you may then begin adding the coverage for the accounts.


To add Coverage to your new accounts, you would simply hit the “Coverage” link beside the account you wish to add the coverage to.


After you click the “Coverage” link beside the account you wish to add coverage to, the detailed policy screen will appear. This is where you will enter all the information on the insurance policy. Once you have completed all the information you may then hit save. This will bring you back to the listing off all insurance policies.

The disability Insurance is broken down into:

  • 1.Annual Income Benefit - Identify here the annual amount of existing disability insurance for client and spouse. This would include group long-term disability, association group coverage as well as personally owned disability contracts.
  • 2.Index rate on Benefits - Indicate if in force disability coverage includes inflation protection. If no indexation riders are in place, use an index rate of 0%. If inflation protection is in place it's recommended you use your client's selected inflation rate.
  • 3.Will Benefits ve subject to Inocme Tax – If disability benefits upon receipt will be subject to income tax, say yes. If not say no.
  • 4.Tax Free Lump Sum – Identify any tax free lump sum benefits which would become payable upon disability.


NOTE: You will notice that once you have detailed insurance products entered you will not have the option to use the summary method of entry.