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How do I show my clients' objective to cover educational costs for their children?
• Process flow options
• Add objective
• Tie to education accounts, savings

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These are created for any dependent the client's may have. When you select this option another field below it will open up to allow you to select the dependent in which you are creating the goal for. These are the dependents that you have entered in on the Personal Information screen. The dates it uses for the goals is derived from the birth date of the dependent. Should the child be likely to start school earlier, or later, these dates can be edited while in the "Detailed Objective" screen.

Institutions: This is a database of many educational institutions. If your client indicates they want to fund educational costs for their children but don’t have a sense of what it will cost, you can ask them if they have any suggestion of where they might want to see their children go relative to which university.


Amount & Duration Info: If you have already chosen a Institution then this amount will be poplulated for you. If your clients already know the amount they want to fund this goal for, then you can enter in the amount here. Also the Duration date fields populate automatically, these dates for the education goal comes from the birth date of the child from the Personal Information screen. If you wish different to and from years, you can change this on the screen.

Death & Disability Info: When it comes to entering in your goals you should be aware of if your client's were to die tomorrow or become disabled, what percentage of this goal continue.