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How do I make a quick list of products that I recommend often?
• Menu Favourite Products
• Product search
• Add list and products

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Why You Should Use Planit Product Selection Screen

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This utility to allows you to store a list of your own favourite products by planner. You can create as many favourite lists as you like.

You simply hit the “Add” link and enter in your description for your list and then hit save. You will then need to add your favourite products to your list. To do this, use the “Select” link.


You now simply hit the “Add” which will bring up the “Product Selection” search engine so you can search for your product that you would like to add. You will see below that we have 5 different favourite products in Jeff’s Favourites.


Product List Maintenance - Reviews the maintenance required to keep up multiple lists, for example, if you made one list for every risk type.