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In this Video you will Learn...
How does PlanPlus Planit help me manage my clients' life goals?
• What is life goals planning
• Cash flow based methodology
• Graduated tax calculations
• Multiple objectives
• Auto Model process

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This process flow is for full planning with strategy modeling etc. It takes you to all screens including Risk Profile and the Auto Model Screen. One powerful feature of the Life Planning Level is the PlanPlus Auto Model process. This feature does multiple automated "what if" scenarios using modeling parameters that you identify, such as:

  1. Target portfolio as opposed to the current portfolio
  2. Increased savings
  3. Increase in the target retirement age to the threshold your client has specified (in one year increments).
  4. A reduction in the target retirement income if necessary.
  5. The reduction or elimination of other low priority life goals if they can't be achieved with the resources available.

The end result of this Auto Model process is to identify the best alternative for the client in cases where their current behavior will not result in them achieving their objectives. Data entry for this comprehensive planning process flow will take from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your client's situation. Once data entry is complete you have a wide variety of documents that can be processed depending on your primary objective with your client.