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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

In this Video you will Learn...
What is PlanPlus Planit, and how can it better my financial services for my clients?
• Corporate overview of PlanPlus
• Modular financial planning tool
• Key differentiators

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The material in this video may differ somewhat from what you see on your site due to difference in version, jurisdiction, corporate content or access level. Regardless of these differences most of the core functions are consistent across all sites, so you'll be able to benefit by and large from what you learn in this video.

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PlanPlus Nice Logo.jpg PlanPlus Inc. is a Canadian firm that provides wealth management and financial planning software solutions to financial services firms worldwide. PlanPlus has become a world-recognized firm with its ground-breaking software PlanPlus Web Advisor, and industry leading training and service offerings. PlanPlus has users in North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Customers include major banks, stock brokers/investment firms, insurance, credit union, mutual fund and financial planning firms in 9 countries around the world. PlanPlus is a Canadian company established in 1990. It is privately owned and located in Lindsay, Ontario.

Phone: 1-705-324-8001