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Foremost, Islamic financial planning is financial planning for Muslims. When performing financial planning for a client wishing to adhere to Islamic laws (Sharia), the same financial planning process applies but certain aspects where Islamic laws are applicable must be attended. The Islamic laws are numerous but in relation to financial planning, the major components are Takaful, Shariah-compliant Investment, Zakat, Islamic Estate & Faraid, and Waqf. PlanPlus allows Islamic Financial Planners to incorporate all of these aspects into their financial plan on Planit.

Training on Islamic Planning

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Introduction to PlanPlus Planit What is PlanPlus Planit, and how can it better my financial services for my clients?
  • Corporate overview of PlanPlus
  • Modular financial planning tool
  • Key differentiators
C Video
2 Zakat How do I properly calculate and include zakat payments for my Islamic client?
  • General rule zakat liable assets
  • Zakat formula x 2.5% (if over Nisab)
  • Liability (due) or tax deduction in detailed cash flow
C Video
3 Takaful Policies How do I properly add a takaful policy for my Islamic client?
  • Summary insurance fields
  • Main entry difference b/n conventional and takaful
  • Pensions & Other Revenues Term Takaful Payout
  • Event-specific goal to correct for double insurance coverage
C Video
4 Haj How can I include my Islamic client's goal to complete haj in his/her plan?
  • Detailed objective data entry
C Video
5 Waqf How can I include my Islamic client's goal to establish a waqf in his/her plan?
  • Detailed objective data entry
  • Determine savings requirement with Present Future Values Calculator
  • Add extra savings on Savings screen
C Video
6 Faraid Distributions How do I show my Islamic client's with to distribute his/her estate according to Faraid?
  • Faraid distribution rules/charts
  • Spouse Beneficiary
  • Child Beneficiary
  • Residual beneficiary
3 Video
7 Shariah Compliance How do I recommend products to my Islamic client's assets so that they are shariah compliant?
  • Same as other product recommendation
  • Overview create Favourites List
  • Overview Choose Favourites (PS)
8 Riba Free Mortgage How do I calculate information about my Islamic client's riba-free mortgage?
  • Use Present Future Value Calculator
  • Data entry example
  • Read the schedule for balance
C Video