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The Modelling Assumptions screen is where you will identify your client’s preferences when it comes to developing a strategy for them. PlanPlus Planit has a sophisticated function where it will identify the client’s outcome if they keep doing as they are currently doing, and the Modelling Assumptions screen will identify various steps that can be taken to try and eliminate any shortfalls identified. Take a look at the topics below, which will help guide you through the various features and functions of the Modelling Assumptions Screen.

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Modelling Assumptions Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Introduction to the Modelling Assumptions Screen What do I enter on the Modelling Assumptions Screen?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Introduction to AutoModel process
2 Video
2 Auto Model Process How does Planit determine what changes my client needs to make for financial success?
  • Purpose of AutoModel
  • AutoModel steps for solution
  • Client data gathering and presentation
2 Video
3 Modelling Assumptions Results How can I view and interpret the results of a life goals process flow?
  • Sneak peek of results from Modelling Assumptions screen
  • Reading the graph
  • Shortfall or surplus
2 Video
4 Savings Thresholds How do I show that my client is willing to save more in order to meet their objectives?
  • Modelling Assumptions thresholds
  • Quick review AutoModel
  • Data entry
  • For Modular process, use Planning Alternatives
2 Video
5 Retirement Thresholds How do I show that my client is willing to retire later or on less income if required?
  • Modelling Assumptions thresholds
  • Data entry
  • Quick review AutoModel
  • Adjust age before income box
  • Planning Alternatives for modular planning
2 Video
6 Life Cycle Portfolios How do I show that my client wants to assume less or more risk as they grow older?
  • Modelling Assumptions
  • Data entry
  • Lower target return - solve
2 Video
Retired Clients How do I enter information properly for a client that is already retired?
  • Planning Assumptions - retire age, edit benefits to exact amount
  • Cash Flow incomes, input or calculate for family expenses, detailed cash flow
  • Objectives - only retirement lifestyle - edit it to be appropriate
  • Savings - empty
  • Modelling Assumptions - no work longer
Multiple Scenarios How do I compare different scenarios on my clients' financial goals?
  • Introduction to concept and tabs
  • Some example scenarios
  • Current and Active tabs
  • Make data entry changes for a scenario
  • See results for each scenario
2 Video