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What can I change in my modular plan to solve my clients' shortfall?
• Graph orientation
• Sliding bar
• Different variables

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“Income Available” Planning Alternative The client’s goal is $60,000 but here we see a slider that will allow you to select a level of income that might be acceptable to the client. Once you have set the slider to the level you want, you can use the “Save” button to saved that number back to the “Goals” tab and become the client’s revised goal.


“Rate of Return” Planning Alternative Another option that can be used to reduce shortfalls it to recognize the need for the client to be somewhat more aggressive and target for a higher rate of return.

“Delay Until” Planning Alternative Another option available is for the client to defer their target retirement age. This planning alternative identifies how much longer the client would have to work to totally eliminate the gap. However this might not be palatable to the client’s so you can move your scroll bar to the age you feel would be acceptable. If you then click on “Save” this new age will get pushed to the <Planning Assumptions> screen so it becomes the client’s new target.

“Stop Need At” Planning Alternative Another option available is for the client to plan for a shorter time horizon. Not a very easy thing to recommend to a client! This just helps the client to better understand at what age they start to have a problem. In this case we can see the planning horizon would have to be adjusted downwards with all other things being equal, for the shortfall to be eliminated.

“Alternate Capital Savings” Planning Alternative Another option available is for the client to plan to save more between now and retirement. When you select this alternative, you’ll be presented with a listing of the various accounts that exist and you then must pick which account you want to do the calculation for.