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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

PlanPlus Planit is more than just a series of calculators and data entry screens. PlanPlus Planit is a tool that has been built so that it can be easily integrated with your overall planning practice. From engagement and review processes, to client education, and even interactive screens you can work on with your clients during a meeting, PlanPlus Planit can improve your practice. Take a look at the topics below to see how PlanPlus Planit can be advantageous to your holistic practice management.

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Practice Management Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Engagement Process How can I better engage my clients at the beginning of our planning relationship?
  • Engagement Agreement versus engagement process
  • Initial Assessment and Evaluation process
  • Getting your clients to engage you
2 Ideal Clients How can defining my 'ideal client' better my financial services and practice success?
  • Profitability of clients
  • Distinguish your particular services
  • Save time with fewer clients
  • Ideal Client Profile
3 Your Needs Self Analysis How can I determine which planning areas are most appropriate to my client's needs?
  • Intro Engagement process
  • Interpreting Your Needs Self Analysis document
C Video
4 Introduction to the Engagement Screen What do I enter on the Engagement Screen?
  • Purpose of screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Add goal
1 Video
5 Fact Finders Is there something I can use to collect the information I need from my client?
  • Fact Finders for data collection
  • Overview of different ones
  • Where to download them
C Video
6 Building Trust How can I build better trust with my clients, and how will this better my financial services?
7 Introduction to PlanPlus Planit What is PlanPlus Planit, and how can it better my financial services for my clients?
  • Corporate overview of PlanPlus
  • Modular financial planning tool
  • Key differentiators
C Video
8 Notes Contact Log How can I keep track of meeting or other client notes in PlanPlus Planit?
  • Home or Personal Information
  • Create, save, find notes
1 Video
9 Other Personal Information What information about my client do I need to enter on the Other section of the Personal Information screen?
  • Personal Information screen
  • Data entry fields
2 Video
10 Know Your Client How do I interpret and use the information on the Know Your Client portion of the Risk Profile screen?
  • Review information included
  • For compliance and client experience
1 Video
11 Life Goals Analysis - What Is It? How do I interpret and present the 'What is Life Goals Analysis' page of my client's document?
  • Complex plan incorporating complex tax structure, multiple goals, etc.
  • Differentiate your plan and show value
  • Set the stage for the strategy ahead
2 Video
12 Your Goals and Objectives How do I interpret and present the 'Your Goals and Objectives' page of my client's document?
  • Summary of plan data entry
  • Graph of costs for all goals
  • Confirm data entry, agreement to tradeoffs possibly to come
2 Video
13 A Comparison of Results What do the graphs under 'A Comparison of Results' mean, and how can I present them to my client?
  • Current and target scenario
  • Accumulating capital, shortfall or surplus
  • Buy-in to strategy to achieve target
2 Video
14 Retirement Goal Audit How can I help my client determine the income they will need to fund his/her retirement lifestyle?
  • Different clients need different lifestyles in retirement
  • Audit tool as value added
  • Audit data fields and calculation
C Video
15 Certainty of Outcome How do I tell if my clients will be able to achieve their goals even if their rate of return changes?
  • Assumptions are based on evidence, but never guaranteed
  • Likelihood of achieving goals given different assumptions
  • Reading and presenting graph
1 Video
16 Implementation for Goal Achievement How can I better help my clients implement our action plans so they can achieve their goals?
17 Tactical Implementation Strategy How do I interpret and present the 'Tactical Implementation Strategy' page of my client's document?
  • From Product Selection Screen, current vs recommended product
  • Difference shows money to be (un)invested
  • Agreement to implement based on education
18 Agreement How do I interpret and present the 'Agreement' page of my client's document?
  • Signature for compliance
  • Gain agreement all through
  • Govern behaviour for advisor and client
1 Video
19 Action Plan How can I edit and present the Action Plan in my client's financial document?
  • Edit table and comments
  • Implementation, new needs, review
  • Client agreement for success
1 Video
20 Review Process How can I manage reviews of my client's financial progress with PlanPlus Planit?
  • Importance/value of review
  • Comparing snapshots
  • Data entry required
1 Video
21 Financial Planning Review What is the Financial Planning Review document, and how can I present it to my client?
  • Intro review process, advisor value
  • Preview snapshots and grading
  • Progress to goals, reaffirm action plan
2 Video
22 Engagement Administration Where do I administrate services, history, and sharing of my client?
  • Secondary advisor
  • Client history and last review
  • Service level
  • Add a task
1 Video
23 Client Service Search How can I find out if my client's financial plan needs review?
  • Home menu
  • How to search and what
1 Video
Estate Planning Goals and Objectives How can I interpret and present the 'Estate Planning Goals and Objectives' page of my client's document?
  • Education on main principles
  • Customize client-specific concerns
  • Estate needs - strategy
3 Video