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How do I set up standard investment portfolios with products I want to recommend?
• Preferred Portfolios screen
• Add products (search)
• Weighting products
• Portfolios by risk tolerance

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Why You Should Use Planit Product Selection Screen

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This utility allows the definition of model portfolios composed of specific securities by planner.

To create a model portfolio, click the ”Preferred Portfolios” link from the main navigation panel under Administration. This takes you into a screen where you can identify the various portfolios you want to create.

This is similar to setting up the favourite lists. You can have as many Preferred Portfolios as you want. But again, keep in mind the maintenance you’ll have to do to keep those portfolios up to date.

Also, just like there can be “System Favourites”; there also can be “System Preferred Portfolios”. These are portfolios that are set up by the system administrator that all advisors will be able to see. An example of where this might be applicable is if a company has a series of Mandates that are routinely used in groups to create portfolios. By having these set up as System Preferred Portfolios, it saves every advisor from having to set these up individually.

When it comes to the Personal Preferred Portfolios, it’s our suggestion that you create one preferred portfolio for each risk profile. To demonstrate this we will set up a portfolio called “Bill’s Moderate Portfolio”.

Firstly you will click on “Add”. Enter in the description, and then click on save. When you click save, you can see this Portfolio is now in my list to choose from. Name your portfolio and click save.



You will add additional funds the same way.

    • Please note that when you add the second, third, fourth etc product, you will need to “edit” the percentages that each product represents in the portfolio.**



You can create as many model portfolios as you wish and once you are finished click home. When you wish to use one of your model portfolios for a specific client, while in the client’s home page under Implementation click ”Security Selection”. This will enable you to select one of the model portfolios for the client.

Uploading Preferred Portfolios

You now can upload Preferred Portfolios using a Comma Delimited (CSV) file. To learn more on this feature click here