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The Retirement Income Planning Report presents the achievability of your client's retirement, education, or other goal. Take a look at the topics below to review all of the different pages and components of the Retirement Income Planning Report to understand how to interpret and present them to your clients. Also, you can review sample document at

Retirement Income Planning Report Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Introduction to the Retirement Income Planning Report What is the Retirement Income Planning Report and what can it do for my client?
  • Modular goal report
  • Results, shortfall or surplus
  • Planning alternatives
1 Video
2 Summary Analysis How can I interpret and present the 'Summary Analysis' page of the Retirement Income Planning Report?
  • Year-by-year analysis
  • Capital growth
  • Paying taxes
  • Withdrawals made
  • Shortfalls
1 Video
3 Reliability Forecast How do I interpret and present the 'Reliability Forecast' page of my client's financial document?
  • Uncertainty of mortality or Rate of Return assumption
  • Matrix of probability of success
  • Understand numbers are estimates, need for review
1 Video
Introduction to Modular Planning How does PlanPlus Planit help me manage my clients' retirement or education goal?
  • Modular or goal-based planning
  • Graduated taxes
  • Planning Alternatives
  • Modular goal process flow
C Video
Modular Goal Results How do I calculate and interpret the results of a modular goal entry?
  • Reading the graph
  • Shortfall or surplus
  • Percent of Goal Achieved
C Video
Introduction to the Your Working Documents Screen How do I use the Working Documents Screen? How do I create a document or report?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Document generation
C Video
What Kind of Documents are There? What kinds of documents and reports can I produce on Planit? Which document is right for my clients' needs?
  • Total number of documents and type
  • Sample IPS, PFS, IFP (overview)
  • High overview of document titles
  • Document production by process flow
  • Refer to Your Working Documents,
2 Video
Document Sections How can I select which sections of a document to include for my client's plan?
  • Your Working Documents
  • Document section checkboxes
  • Customize for meeting purposes, client type
1 Video
Personalize Your Document How can I edit documents produced by PlanPlus Planit?
  • Word document text
  • Table of Contents
  • Notes/comments
  • Cover graphic
1 Video