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In this Video you will Learn...
What kinds of documents and reports can I produce on Planit? Which document is right for my clients' needs?
• Total number of documents and type
• Sample IPS, PFS, IFP (overview)
• High overview of document titles
• Document production by process flow
• Refer to Your Working Documents,

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Getting Started Investment Policy Statement
Personal Financial Strategy Integrated Financial Plan
Initial Assessment Retirement Income Planning Report
Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet Your Working Documents Screen
Why You Should Use Planit

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PlanPlus Planit provides a wealth of choices relative to how your analysis and recommendations are presented to clients. To assist you in understanding the purpose and benefits of each of the most popular documents we have prepared this overview. First we’ll look at the three documents that relate to modular Investment Planning.

Investment Planning
Component Investment Policy Statement Executive Summary IPS Investment Policy Overview Asset Allocation Comparison Document Implementation Strategy
Style Comprehensive Intermediate Basic Strategy Highlights Implementation Only
Length 24 pages 15 pages 4 pages 2 pages 1 page
Analysis of Current Portfolio Yes Yes No Yes No
Recommended Target Portfolio Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Multiple Portfolio View Yes Yes No No Yes
Tactical Implementation (Product Selection) Yes No No Yes Yes
Client Educational Content Significant Minimal None None None
Action Plan Checklist Yes Yes No No No
Future Planning Action Steps (Transition) Yes Yes No No No

Now let’s consider the three documents that focus on comprehensive planning. Each of these documents address Investment Planning, Retirement and Education Planning as well as needs on Death or Disability. However, their differing depth and breadth allow you to use the tool that suits your personal style and the individual needs of your client.