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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

PlanPlus Planit is the award-winning financial planning software. PlanPlus offers a variety of planning options in multiple currencies, languages and jurisdictions. Use PlanPlus Planit to integrate investment and financial planning advice into your practice simply and easily. Check out the topics in the track below to learn more about the features that show you how you and your clients can benefit from using PlanPlus Planit.

Training on Why You Should Use PlanPlus Planit

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada Malaysia United States
1 Introduction to PlanPlus Planit What is PlanPlus Planit, and how can it better my financial services for my clients?
  • Corporate overview of PlanPlus
  • Modular financial planning tool
  • Key differentiators
C Video
2 Jurisdiction How does PlanPlus Planit change based on my client's planning jurisdiction?
  • Multi-jurisdiction, language and currency
  • Planning Assumptions, when you can change jurisdiction
  • Provinces/territories, Government benefits, currency, tax rates, deductions, tax treatment of estate, account types/treatment, default assumptions, insurance types, asset classes, product listings, education institutions
1 Video
3 Language How do I change the language of PlanPlus Planit, or of my client's documents?
  • Language list on login or Home
  • Default language in Profile
  • Client Personal Information screen
C Video
4 Process Flows What are process flows, and which one should I use?
  • Match data entry to resulting plan
  • Overview of each process flow
  • Which might be right for you
C Video
5 User Levels What are the benefits of subscribing to a higher level of PlanPlus Planit?
  • PL1, 2, and 3 differences - process flows, screens etc
  • Show Level Selector
6 How are Taxes Calculated? How are taxes calculated in PlanPlus Planit?
  • Jurisdiction specific graduated income tax
  • Taxation of investment income, withdrawals
  • Taxation in revenue and other data entry fields
  • Tax optimization for account withdrawal
  • Income tax splitting
1 Video
7 TFSA Optimization How does PlanPlus Planit optimize savings and withdrawals for the TFSA?
  • Top-up into TFSA based on room
  • Annual TFSA contributions
  • Withdrawing from the TFSA
  • Unplanned savings into the TFSA first
2 Video
8 Auto Model Process How does Planit determine what changes my client needs to make for financial success?
  • Purpose of AutoModel
  • AutoModel steps for solution
  • Client data gathering and presentation
2 Video
9 Planning Alternatives What can I change in my modular plan to solve my clients' shortfall?
  • Graph orientation
  • Sliding bar
  • Different variables
C Video
10 Certainty of Outcome How do I tell if my clients will be able to achieve their goals even if their rate of return changes?
  • Assumptions are based on evidence, but never guaranteed
  • Likelihood of achieving goals given different assumptions
  • Reading and presenting graph
1 Video
11 Where do Rates of Return Come From? How does PlanPlus calculate its rates of return?
  • Source indices (by country)
  • Annual Rate of Return + inflation, weighted by % portfolio
  • Compliance and evidence
  • Return reduction feature reference
1 Video Video
12 Morningstar How does PlanPlus integrate with Morningstar to make my plans more accurate?
  • Morningstar features
  • Pricing updates
  • How to upgrade
13 Multiple Scenarios How do I compare different scenarios on my clients' financial goals?
  • Introduction to concept and tabs
  • Some example scenarios
  • Current and Active tabs
  • Make data entry changes for a scenario
  • See results for each scenario
2 Video
14 Income Tax Splitting How do I show that my clients will split their pension income in order to reduce their taxes payable?
  • Setting on the Planning Assumptions screen
  • What, when and how income is split
  • Reduction in taxes payable
1 Text Text
15 Holding Company How do I add a holding company to my clients assets properly?
  • Add Holding Company account
  • Detailed account data entry
3 Video
16 Disposition Strategy How do I properly show the disposition strategy of my client's personal use or business asset in the event of retirement or death?
  • Detailed account disposition data entry
  • Created revenue stream Pensions and Other Revenues
2 Video
17 Business Asset and Disposition Revenue How do I include the expected sale of a business into my client's plan?
  • Business/other account
  • Asset disposition data entry
  • Preview record in Pensions & Other Revenues
2 Video
18 Portfolio Mapping How do I properly use investment portfolios for different accounts and risk tolerances?
  • Portfolio designation by account
  • Risk Profile tolerance levels
  • Portfolio Objective questions
  • Selection and Validation
  • Asset Allocation Recommended Portfolio
1 Video
19 Estate Distribution Analysis How do I interpret the Estate Distribution Analysis, or present it to my client?
  • Account distribution
  • Residual distributions
  • Taxation
  • Estate value/erosion
  • Determine need for estate planning
3 Video
20 Multiple Risk Profiles How do I show that my client and their spouse or dependents have different risk tolerances?
  • Risk tolerance questions
  • Add profile
1 Video
21 FinaMetrica 25 What is FinaMetrica 25, and how can it better my financial services?
  • World class risk profiling system
  • Example questions and report
  • Accuracte investment strategy
22 FinaMetrica Risk Profile Report How can I interpret the FinaMetrica Risk Profile Report, and how should I use it with my client?
  • Risk Profile in band of popularity
  • Consistency of responses with level
  • Inconsistency - talk through expectations
23 Review Process How can I manage reviews of my client's financial progress with PlanPlus Planit?
  • Importance/value of review
  • Comparing snapshots
  • Data entry required
1 Video
24 Client Service Search How can I find out if my client's financial plan needs review?
  • Home menu
  • How to search and what
1 Video
25 Preferred Portfolios How do I set up standard investment portfolios with products I want to recommend?
  • Preferred Portfolios screen
  • Add products (search)
  • Weighting products
  • Portfolios by risk tolerance
26 Favourite Products How do I make a quick list of products that I recommend often?
  • Menu Favourite Products
  • Product search
  • Add list and products
27 Stock Option Report What is the Stock Option Analysis and how can I interpret it?
  • Review of asset data entry
  • Role of advisor in determining exercise
  • Potential value capture
  • Preferred order and years to exercise
3 Video Video
28 Introduction to the Product Selection Screen What do I enter on the Product Selection Screen?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Basic screen flow
29 Apply a Portfolio How do I recommend an investment portfolio to my client's assets?
  • Product Selection Choose Portfolio
  • Matching portfolios to asset allocation recommendation
30 Fund Fact Sheets Where can I find more detailed information on a certain product, possibly to present to my client?
  • Access through Product Search
  • Reports vary by deployment
  • Some of the key fund properties covered
31 Back Office Integration How can I upload my client information and accounts from a back office system into PlanPlus Planit?
  • Time saving feature
  • Corporate instructions
  • Dataphile, 910/Univeris, Creosus, RPM, Pershing
1 Text
32 What Kinds of Documents are There? What kinds of documents and reports can I produce on Planit? Which document is right for my clients' needs?
  • Total number of documents and type
  • Sample IPS, PFS, IFP (overview)
  • High overview of document titles
  • Document production by process flow
  • Refer to Your Working Documents,
2 Video
33 Introduction to the Investment Policy Statement What is the Investment Policy Statement and what can it do for my client?
  • Investment Management document
  • Plan suggestions - asset allocation, implementation strategy
  • Education on asset allocation and risk return
1 Video
34 Introduction to the Personal Financial Strategy What is the Personal Financial Strategy and what can it do for my client?
  • Life Goals document
  • Plan solutions for goal achievement
  • Philosophy and education
2 Video
35 A Comparison of Results What do the graphs under 'A Comparison of Results' mean, and how can I present them to my client?
  • Current and target scenario
  • Accumulating capital, shortfall or surplus
  • Buy-in to strategy to achieve target
2 Video
36 Introduction to the Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet What is the Long Term Cash Flow spreadsheet, and how can I use it to better my financial services?
  • Audit document of annual numbers
  • Understand taxation implications
  • Check accuracy of plan
2 Video
37 Introduction to the Integrated Financial Plan What is the Integrated Financial Plan and what can it do for my client?
  • Integrated - life goals, investment, estate, risk
  • Preview pages - strategy, implementation, need on death, estate analysis
  • Considers all needs together
3 Video
38 Introduction to the Retirement Income Planning Report What is the Retirement Income Planning Report and what can it do for my client?
  • Modular goal report
  • Results, shortfall or surplus
  • Planning alternatives
1 Video
39 Reliability Forecast How do I interpret and present the 'Reliability Forecast' page of my client's financial document?
  • Uncertainty of mortality or Rate of Return assumption
  • Matrix of probability of success
  • Understand numbers are estimates, need for review
1 Video
40 Financial Planning Review What is the Financial Planning Review document, and how can I present it to my client?
  • Intro review process, advisor value
  • Preview snapshots and grading
  • Progress to goals, reaffirm action plan
2 Video
Navigation and Orientation How do I use PlanPlus Planit?
  • Home screen - client (un)selected
  • Top Menu overview
  • Main sections of side bar
C Video
Live Chat Can I get immediate online help with PlanPlus Planit?
  • Menu bar
  • Check our training
  • Live chat preview
1 Video
Help How do I find help on all of PlanPlus Planit's different features?
  • Help Menu everywhere in Planit
  • Takes you to the Screen track in Planipedia
  • Also visit Training options
C Video
Planipedia What is Planipedia and how can I use it to better my financial services?
  • Access from Planit
  • Financial community wiki
  • Training - Tracks and videos
  • Search for more training
C Video
Employee Stock Options How can I calculate and include my client's potential gain from their Stock Options?
  • Stock Option account type
  • Edit or add asset as option
  • Option details data entry
  • Black Scholes and Constant Growth
  • Understanding the Option Values
3 Video Video
Account Portfolio What is an Account Portfolio? How do I put an account under a particular investment portfolio?
  • Investment Portfolios by account(s)
  • Change Portfolio under detailed account
  • Overview Create Account Portfolio
C Video
Education Institutions How can I help my client determine the cost of sending their child to university or college?
  • Objectives screen Institutions
  • Search costs examples
C Video
FinaMetrica 12 What is FinaMetrica 12, and how can it better my financial services?
  • World class risk profiling system
  • Example questions and report
  • Accuracte investment strategy
Fact Finders Is there something I can use to collect the information I need from my client?
  • Fact Finders for data collection
  • Overview of different ones
  • Where to download them
C Video