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How can I determine which planning areas are most appropriate to my client's needs?
• Intro Engagement process
• Interpreting Your Needs Self Analysis document

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Within PlanPlus Planit there are a wide variety of planning tools that can be used to provide services to your clients. Sometimes the challenge is to figure out what service is appropriate for each individual client given their personal situation.

To assist you in determining what direction to go with your client we have a tool called the "Your Needs Self Analysis". This short questionnaire is designed so that you can have your client fill out the questionnaire and their responses will help you determine if they are a candidate for a modular goal based analysis . . . for example to see if they have enough money to send their son or daughter to university or if they have enough to retire in 5 years. The questionnaire will also identify if they are a candidate for perhaps investment management services (IPS) or even a cash flow based Life Goals Analysis. The concept is that you want to be sure that you tailor your service recommendation to what is most important to your client today. You might do a simple goal based modular analysis on one thing today but ultimately you might end up doing a more sophisticated life goals analysis once they realize they have more than just one goal and they want a "master strategy" that allows them to address all of these issues in a holistic way.

Bottom line is that the "Your Needs Self Analysis" helps you to direct each client to the service offereing that they need today. To download a template of the "Your Needs Self Analysis" just click here .

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