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Planipedia is a continually evolving project, and there are always projects underway to better your user experience. Listed below are items on Planipedia's "To Do List". You can help by rating tasks to better prioritize them, or offer your time or knowledge. In a community-based project like Planipedia its people like you who keep these tools free and available to others.

Projects are sorted as ongoing and one-time, and each project has a description as well as an outline of the steps to complete the project. Project status fields are to the right hand side so you can see how Planipedia is progressing, and where your resources are most needed.

Planipedia Projects

Task Required Level Assigned To Last Updated Frequency Training Link Rating
Main Page
Clean up content:User of Month, Sponsors, Featured Project, Planit
Include new sponsors PlanPlus Administrator As required
Update User of the Month Administrator monthly
Update Featured Article Administrator
Update Featured Project Administrator
Overall changes Administrator
Community Portal
Delete Bugzilla, make Planit appropriate
Update User of the Month Administrator monthly
Overall changes to content Administrator
Delete N/A or completed projects - as required
Monitor page talk -
Add new projects - as required
Monitor project and assign steps to users -
Record updates - as required
Create training for continuing or one-time projects - as required
Add training relevant to extension (read restrictions, forum, social profile, word 2 media wiki, FCK editor, evaluation wikiflow
Add Training (start from - as required
General maintenance -
Reformat and create external link for Case Consulation Waiver Form
Combine repeating content, add internal links
Create Categories for all material
Ready content for 5.1.1
Separate country-specific from generic content appropriately
Update existing pages PlanPlus Administrator new version
Add new pages - version/any
New release notes page PlanPlus new version
Update categories (type, content, country) -
Edit pages added by others PlanPlus Administrator as required
Protect approved Training pages PlanPlus Administrator as required
Move inappropriate content added by others to other namespace PlanPlus Administrator as required
Translate pages
Approve translated Training pages PlanPlus
Update links with Planit Help PlanPlus System Manager
Add {{Template:Outdated}} to old Training pages - new version
Add {{Template:Outdated Translation}} to old translated pages - new version
Update, delete or move pages in Category:Outdated
Request translation for pages in Category:Outdated Translation
Add in minimovie links
Create introduction on the Workbook and how to use it
Create country templates given existing material
Create show/hide tables to expand content by country
Add in other country workbook images
Localize Workbook cases for your country
Add add educational content like client meeting questions etc
Translate workbook templates
Other Pages
Create/review initial content for screens below PlanPlus Administrator
About Planipedia PlanPlus Administrator
Planipedia Rules PlanPlus Administrator
Disclaimers PlanPlus Administrator
Privacy Policy PlanPlus Administrator
Copyrights PlanPlus Administrator
User Responsibilities PlanPlus Administrator
Vision PlanPlus Administrator
Mission Statement PlanPlus Administrator
PlanPlus PlanPlus Administrator
Sponsorship PlanPlus Administrator
User Responsibilities PlanPlus Administrator
Special Pages
Relink or delete broken redirects -
Double redirect: move first page to last page, delete middle pages -
Orphaned Pages: create internal link from other page -
Add [[Category:__]] to Uncategorized pages -
Unused categories: delete or add [[Category:__]] to pages -
Wanted Categories: add basic text and [[Category:__]] on pages -
Add content on Wanted Pages -
Update, delete or move pages in Category:Outdated
Patrol or Review Edits
Search for major, unpatrolled edits in Recent Changes - weekly
New Pages: delete inappropriate content, edit, or message user. Administrator/ - weekly
Major Edits: review (diff), rollback bad content, edit, message user. Administrator/ - weekly
Poor titled or repetitive content: Suggest Move on discussion tab. -
Mediate conflicts: use third opinion, delete/move bad content, warn users, reference Policy, then see User Rights. Administrator/ - as required
Copyright Infringement: request source from user and/or delete. Administrator/ - as required
When done reviewing page, click \"Patrolled\". Administrator as required
User Rights Management
Assign initial status levels of PlanPlus and associate users
Define User Responsibilities, internally and for public
Define User grops and rights for Access Control (read restrict)
More detailed definition of malicious activities and block periods
Malicious user: 1) Review Block Log and Contributions 2) Issue warning 3) watch contributions 4) Block user/IP for small period. 5) Extend period Administrator as required
Define how others are promoted, application and qualification
Make PlanPlus-approved or positive contributors Administrators Bureaucrat as required
Review Contributions Scores and User Contributions for positive users. Administrator
FCKEditor (alternate edit screen)
Confirm Edit
(?) AWC Forum and/or Social Profile extension
Evaluation WikiFlow (review edits status and certification)
Simple Security
Other One-Time Tasks
Assign Planipedia pages to Help links in PDF Help
Planipedia logo
Future Considerations
Opening use of Bugzilla to users
Creating a Planipedia YouTube Group
Creating a Planipedia eBay group
Single sign-on between Planipedia and Planit
Ability to filter content by country/jurisdiction
Protecting vs. unprotecting pages
Sponsor contribution acknowledgment
Planipedia contributions to Planit software (ex> tax brackets)