Registered Financial Planner

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R.F.P. (Registered Financial Planner) is a professional financial planning designation. It has been the hallmark of the professional financial planner in Canada since 1987. The Institute of Advanced Financial Planners grants the R.F.P. designation to financial planners who demonstrate competence in the practice of personal financial planning by:

  • submitting a high-quality, complex and comprehensive financial plan for peer review
  • successfully completing a comprehensive examination based on the application of financial planning expertise to a complex case.

The privilege to use the R.F.P. designation requires that a Member meet annual requirements for Professional Membership, including:

  • continuing education requirements of 30 hours annually, covering at least two disciplines in addition to Professional Ethics
  • engaged in financial planning for at least three years, and currently engaged in an active financial planning practice as their primary vocation
  • a satisfactory record of business ethics
  • compliance with the IAFP’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice for R.F.P.s.

By earning the R.F.P. designation, IAFP members demonstrate to their clients and their peers that they are highly competent professionals who actively practice a comprehensive financial planning process.