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To assist you in learning more about the software, a series videos have been created. We hope you find these sessions valuable and informative! Note: Links will be posted as they are created.

Training Opportunities
Description of Session Comments Length Date Originally Presented Workbook Download Video Link
Virtual Training - Sesson #1 In this session you'll be introduced to the Modular Goal Process Flow. Use this goal based analysis approach to determine if your client's can achieve their goals and objectives. This Modular Goal approach uses a single need approach so you do an analysis for Retirement, Education Funding or any other capital goals, such as buying a boat or cottage.. 2 Hrs. Nov. 21 2013 Modular Planning Workbook View Presentation
Virtual Training - Session #2 In this session you’ll learn about the investment management features in the system. This will include integration to Morningstar and using multiple risk profiles and multiple portfolios. 2 Hrs. Jan. 27 2014 Investment Management Workbook View Presentation