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During the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia June 2014, an Advanced Financial Planning Case Study stream was structured in cooperation with the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners. This page documents the materials used in the case study.

Case Study Materials

The following materials were provided to the attendees:


During the sessions attendees were asked to answer a series of polls to determine their "professional opinions" on various topics. The following are the results from the polls.

CIFPS 01.png

CIFPS 02.png

CIFPS 03.png

CIFPS 04.png

CIFPS 05.png

CIFPS 06.png

CIFPS 07.png

CIFPS 08.png

CIFPS 09.png

CIFPS 10.png

CIFPS 11.png

CIFPS 12.png

CIFPS 13.png

CIFPS 14.png

CIFPS 15.png

CIFPS 16.png

CIFPS 17.png