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Planipedia is a collection of published and referenced information relating to financial planning. Planipedia is a new community wiki that functions in a similar way to Wikipedia. Financial planners anywhere in the world can search, add and edit various articles and documents that contribute to consolidated and reputable source of information. This vision for the community-sharing of knowledge and resources aims to raise the bar of professionalism for financial planning. See more on Planipedia's vision.

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Best Practices

Worldwide the issue of "Best Practices" where clients are served consistently and effectively is of great concern. Check out the Table of Contents for Best Practices.

Getting Started

Planipedia encourages sponsorship or supporters by any company or group that is prepared to help provide quality information and content to Planipedia and/or to promote use of the site to their planning membership by posting our sponsorship logo in a prominant location linking to the site.

Current supporters include professional planning associations, authors and educations, professional planners, technoclogy providers, trainers and more. To find out about our supporters or how you can become one please visit our page on Planipedia Supporters.

New to Planipedia and not sure how or where to start? Start by checking out the content already available:

Once you are done looking around, there is a phenomenal amount of content to be added to this new site. Add your knowledge and skills to Planipedia!

The Planipedia Community
How You Can Contribute!
Planipedia is a community-based site and relies on the contributions of users like yourself to provide usable, valuable information on financial planning worldwide. By participating in Planipedia you are helping to achieve the vision to offer education and tools on financial planning to a worldwide audience for free.

In the Community Portal you can access a list of other users that are currently on Planipedia, a marketplace of shared financial planning documents and files, updates on Projects, additional training, User of the Month, ways to report bugs and request enhancements and much more. The Community Portal is your gateway into the Planipedia community so you can really become an informed and integral part of this endeavour.

Add your knowledge and skills to Planipedia! There are many ways you can contribute content, most of which don't require more than a little of your time.

Below are some ideas on how you can add content to Planipedia. You'll also find links to short training material on each topic.

You should also become familiar with the Planipedia Rules so that your contributions are beneficial and not problematic. See how you can contribute for more ideas.

Elaine Hartjes is the User of the Month for October. Honourable mention goes to Shawn Brayman and Lori Magee.

Featured Article
The World of Financial Planning

Financial Planning Process

The Financial Planning Process is the process of delivering financial planning services to individuals through six primary steps as identified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards www.cfp.net.

1. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship.

2. Gathering client data, including goals.

3. Analyzing and evaluating financial status.

4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.

5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations.

6. Monitoring the financial planning recommendations.

To read this full article click here.

Contact an Administrator if you wish to request that your article be featured on the Main Page.

World map.gif
Financial planning is truly global in its scope, whether it is providing documents and advice in another language, recommending global asset classes, or defining cultural objectives. While the world of financial planning seems to be growing closer all the time, it is still governed by the laws and practices of each nation.

Planipedia's aim is to be a resource for both information that is generic and applicable to all countries, but also highlights key country-specific differences in financial planning. Go to the Category:Countries page, find your country to view all Planipages that deal with financial planning issues in your country.

PlanPlus Planit
PlanPlus Planit software is a FREE financial planning tool that supports dozens of countries. From basic calculators to robust investment management strategy documents, PlanPlus Planit is a world class tool.