IPC PlanPlus Planit 6.13 and 6.14 – What can it do for you?

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PlanPlus Planit 6.13 and 6.14 - What can it do for you?

Our users are our greatest resource when it comes to identifying what new features are needed to make your lives easier. That’s why our new combined 6.13 and 6.14 release is so exciting! It’s packed with new features, big and small that have almost all come from you . . . the users. Why not take a few minutes now to learn about the new features in this release. Just click here to read the release notes or click below to view a short video . . . and be sure to log in and give the new version a test drive. If you haven’t tried it in a while, we think you’ll enjoy the experience!


Also below is an overview of some of the more significant new features in this release where you can learn more about what they are and how they can help you serve your clients.

Collaborate with your client and assess their risk Tolerance

Now you can collaborate with your client by inviting them via email to do the FinaMetrica 12 Risk Profile assessment on line in a secure environment. You can even invite the client and spouse separately so you have a risk profile test for each person . . . how convenient!


New Cash Flow Management features that adapt to you and your client’s needs

When working with clients who have cash flow problems, you sometimes need to dig in and do a thorough analysis of their income and expenses so you can effectively advise them! Or for your affluent clients, the last thing you may want or need to do is worry about how they spend their money. With PlanPlus Planit’s new Cash Flow Management features, you have a solution for either situation . . . or anything in between!


Expanded Holdco features for your Incorporated Professional and Business Owner clients

 Recognize Holding Company assets as a source of income during Retirement.  Use funds from the Holding Company to pay for education costs for children or grandchildren.  Pull money out of the CDA to fund a big expenditure next year.  Make contributions of retained earnings to the Holding Company with a flexible savings pattern as the client’s world changes.


Some new PlanPlus Planit reports you’ve been asking for . . . sneak peek!

While PlanPlus Planit has always provided robust documents with everything you might ever need for your client, we are now providing some additional free standing reports that are a handy addition.  Cash Flow Report  Goal Report  Combined Product Report


If you aren’t providing your client’s with a plan to achieve their retirement goals . . . are you missing an opportunity?

The Modular Retirement Process Flow in PlanPlus Planit allows you to create a powerful, accurate and easy to understand analysis of your client retirement goal in minutes. If you haven’t tried using this quick and simple process flow for a while, why not watch this 6 minute video and see how uncomplicated it can be!