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Efficient Data Entry

A question often asked is "How do I do my data entry into PlanPlus Planit as efficiently as possible" Probably the best advice anyone can give you on this question is for you to NEVER NEVER NEVER put your hands on the keyboard until you are sure you have all the information you need to complete your plan.

To help make sure this happens, PlanPlus has created an administrative form called the “PlanPlus Planit Minimum Input Form”. This form is used to gather information from all the various sources and bring it all to one place, so that once you start the process to complete a plan you can get it done all in one sitting. If you do start your data entry before having everything you need, you'll find you go down the stop and start path, which is the biggest cause of inefficiencies. If you have all the information on the desk in front of you before you start, you truly can do plans in the short time periods we always suggest as being possible! But take the stop and start route and you'll find that something that should take 20 - 30 minutes might take 5 hours. Every time you stop and come back a few days later and continue, you have to get your head around where you left off, what you have done so far etc.

So would you like to take a look at our "PlanPlus Planit Minimum Input" form? If so, just click here.