Planit:Faraid and Estate Distributions Analysis Exercise

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Solve for the following problem:

Nidal Dhakir and Rasha Nadhir are revising their will, and they want an estate analysis performed in order to see the distribution of the estate among the various beneficiaries in different scenarios. Nidal stated that he wants the maximum 1/3 of his estate to go to establishing a Waqf, and the remainder to be divided to his spouse and son according to faraid. Rasha did not have the same goals for establishing a Waqf, but identified that on her death her only relatives eligible to receive some of her estate were her husband, son, mother and father. There are no other surviving relatives for Nidal or Rasha. Based on this data and the faraid table below, complete the following chart measuring the Total Distribution for the various beneficiaries.


After producing the Estate Analysis preview, fill in the table below:


Check the accuracy of your client against the answer key