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PlanPlus has a serious committment to users to help them learn to use PlanPlus Planit effectively. One of our programs that demonstrates that committment is our free Planit Learning Circle Webex sessions that are held on a regular basis. These are short (15 - 30 minute) highly focused sessions that review very specific topics with the opportunity for participants to ask questions. The feedback we get on these sessions is very positive. If you haven't joined us on these live sessions and would like to register to do so, just click here.

If you are able to attend these sessions live, that's great, but we also are recording these now so you can view past sessions if you missed them. Below you'll find a list of recorded sessions so you can choose the sessions that you need . . . when you need them! We have also identified the subscription level that each session relates to so you'll know if your access level includes the feature being discussed. We hope the posting of these training sessions are of value to you!

Planit Learning Circle Recordings
Description of Session Date Originally Presented Link Subscription Level
Understanding the Long Term Analysis Using Audit Tools – Cash Flow based planning is powerful and in this session you’ll learn about the audit tools available in PlanPlus Planit that make the process transparent and easy to understand. May 15, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
Efficiency – How long should it take for you to do a comprehensive financial plan? In this session learn some tips, based on years of experience that will allow you to get in and out of PlanPlus Planit quickly and create professional planning documents that can motivate your client to implement your advice and recommendations. May 29, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
Provide the Service that your Client REALLY Wants: In this session we’ll learn how to identify and deliver the services that your client needs today resulting in satisfied clients. June 5, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Understanding the Tax Calculations Used in Long Term Planning Projections – When doing long term planning it’s important to recognize the impact that time has on your assumptions. This is especially true when we consider what income taxes will be in 20, 30 or 40 years. This session will help you understand the sophisticated approach used by PlanPlus Planit to illustrate these future taxes in a logical and realistic way. June 19, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
Engagement – If you are not using engagement agreements in your business, should you be? This session will consider the benefits of using a structured engagement process and provide tips on how to get started. July 3, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Holdco's - This new feature allows advisors to input information about a client’s Holding Company relative to the current market value, the RDTOH and Capital Dividend accounts, and allows you to do projections on the future income streams available to fund the client’s future goals. You'll also see how you can create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for Holding Company assets. July 17, 2013 Click Here PL3
Making the Transition from a Product Oriented Practice to one that is Advice Centric - In our industry, the desire to be advice centric is quite prevalent, but many have trouble understanding some of the basic steps to make such transition. In this session you’ll hear some tips and ideas to start you down the right path towards this objective. A recording of this session is unavailable, however you can view a PDF copy of the presentation including the speaker's notes. July 31, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Add Value by Helping Your Client's Set Realistic Retirement Goals - Goal setting for retirement income is often done with very little though as to how appropriate that goal is given the client’s current lifestyle. In this session you’ll learn about a tool that’s available in Planit that will let you coach your clients to set a goal that is RIGHT for them. Not based on an arbitrary number like 70% of pre retirement income! Aug. 14, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Multiple Scenarios - While our "Auto Model" process is a huge time saver to create achievable strategies for clients, sometimes you just want to see the impact of a specific change in your client's assumptions. In this session you'll learn how to create scenarios where you can identify the changes you'd like to make and see the impact. Aug. 28, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
Risk Assessment Tools in Planit - Most everyone will know that we do a Needs on Death and Needs on Disability Analysis for client’s as part of the life planning process, however, many will not understand how powerful this feature can be. In this session we’ll learn about the feature that allows you to truly reflect your client's needs in these important areas. Sept. 11, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
Planipedia - How to Get Help when you Really Need It - Getting help quick is easy with PlanPlus Planit. Our unique users guide in "Planipedia" provides context sensitive help from wherever you are in the system with just one click. Content includes explanations, examples, videos, downloadable documents, spreadsheets and many other forms of help. Also get tons of industry related information right at your fingertips. In this session you'll learn how to navigate Planipedia to get the most out of it! Oct. 9, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Unplanned Savings - In-depth Explanation of Unplanned Savings - This session provides a detailed explanation of Unplanned Savings and the common things that cause it. This in-depth explanation will show you how Unplanned Savings happens so that you can explain it in depth to your client. Oct. 23, 2013 Click Here PL2 and PL3
TFSA Optimization - PlanPlus Planit has a powerful feature that ensures your client’s TFSA’s are maximized over their lifetime. Starting room, contributions and withdrawals are tracked to allow the system to make use of any unused room every year, thus optimizing the tax sheltering of non registered money to the maximum extent possible.

Learn more about how this powerful feature works in this session.

Nov. 20, 2013 Click Here PL2 & PL3
How to Spend Half the Time doing Financial Plans - and Earn Double the Money! - PlanPlus Best Practices Expert John Page provides an overview of the process and steps needed to put in place in order to enhance credibility, earn more money, and reduce the amount of time spent on planning. Dec. 4, 2013 Click Here All Levels
Cash Flow Management - Within PlanPlus Planit advisors can elect to do a simple summary cash flow for clients or they can elect to do full budgeting using the detailed cash flow management method. In this session learn about each of these different approaches and how they differ for working clients vs. retired clients. Dec. 18, 2013 Click Here PL2 & PL3
Modular Goal Process Flow Jan 14, 2014 Click Here All Levels
The seven biggest mistakes that rookie planners make ... and how to avoid them - You do not want to make any of these mistakes! Jan. 22, 2014 Click Here All Levels
The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions - We provide answers to the 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions we receive about PlanPlus Planit. Feb. 5, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Modelling Assumptions - Getting the Result you Desire Feb. 19, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Multiple Portfolios - Take your investment planning process to the next level while keeping your compliance department happy. Mar. 5, 2014 Click Here PL1, PL2 & PL3
Introduction to Assets & Liabilities - Find out how you can enter client holdings "fast and simple", or more detailed with precision. Mar. 19, 2014 Click Here PL1, PL2 & PL3
Preferred Portfolios & Favourite Products - Learn how to set up your favourite most used funds, or a combination of funds into a preferred portfolio. Apr. 2, 2014 Click Here PL1 with Advanced Investment Planning
Practice Makes Perfect - Learn how to become a Guru at Data Entry with tips and tidbits that to help streamline your Data Entry time. Great for assistants and new planners. Apr. 16, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Upgrading/Adding Features - Find out about the benefits of upgrading your planning level or adding new features such as FinaMetrica or Morningstar Apr. 30, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Efficiency May 19, 2014 Click Here All Levels
What Process Flow to Use and When - Choose the right process flow to complete your clients financial/investment plans. The financial situation of your clients and their requirements determines what process you will use. May 28, 2014 Click Here PL1, PL2 & PL3
Reports and Report Generation - Learn how to choose the right reports to produce for your clients. June 11, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Modular Goal Process - The new Modular Goal Process Flow replaces the Retirement & Education Goal calculators in PlanPlus Planit Versions 5.9 & higher. In this session you'll learn about the benefits of this new approach. June 25, 2014 Click Here PL1, PL2 & PL3
Pensions & Other Revenues - Recognize the power of the Pensions & Other Revenues screen. Private pensions, sale of principle residence, and bridge benefits. July 9, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Product Selection - Explore the world of “Tactical Insertion” The Product Selection screen allows you to recommend individual asset to your client’s portfolio. July 23, 2014 Click Here All Levels
FinaMetrica Risk Profile - Learn about recent changes and enhancements to the FinaMetrica psychometric risk profiling tool. Aug 6, 2014 Click Here PL1/PL2/PL3
Asset Allocation - Learn how to set your set target & recommended portfolios for IPS/PFS implementation. Sept 3, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Planning Assumptions - Learn to work with future assumptions that are incorporated into your long term plan. Sept 17, 2014 Click Here All Levels
Education Goals - Learn how to input all required data correctly in order to complete individual or multiple education goals. Nov 5 2014 Click Here All Levels
New Training - Learn by Watching or Learn by Reading! Our new library of short video clips will allow you to see the data entry process first hand. Dec 3 2014 Click Here All Levels
Tax Optimization - Find out how the PlanPlus Planit automatically evaluates and calculates a Tax Optimization withdrawal strategy. Jan 14, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Sneak Peak - Take a look at additional features and enhancements planned for 2015. Jan 28, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Certainty of Outcome - This presentation shows how easy it is to illustrate to your client the probabilities of being able to fund their goal(s). Feb 11, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Cash Wedge - Find out how the Cash Wedge feature lets you see if your client has sufficient liquidity in their portfolio to fund their short term goals. Feb 25, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Maximizing Your Tools - Find out how you can use PlanPlus Planit to add value to your business and benefit your clients, strengthen your ability to retain clients, and set yourself apart from the competition. March 18, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Debt Consolidation - Learn how to use Debt Consolidation to provide advice to your client's and to and identify the benefits of doing consolidation of debt for them. April 1, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Life Planning in a Nutshell - Take a look at the Life Planning Process and discover the abilities of this cash flow based planning tool. April 15, 2015 Click Here PL2 & PL3
Top Up the Band (Version #2) - This newly enhanced version of Tax Optimization allows an advisor to make selective choices that best suit their client, on an individual basis. April 29, 2015 Click Here All Levels
Advisor Self Branding - Learn how you can now upload logo's, choose document styles, and create banners to give your planning documents a "customized" look. May 13, 2015 Click Here All Levels
MGP Before & After Comparison - Find out how this new feature allows you to compare your client's current situation against the proposed strategy. July 8, 2015 Click Here All Levels