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* Tax optimization for account withdrawal
* Tax optimization for account withdrawal
* Income tax splitting
* Income tax splitting
|| [[:Category:Professional Level 1|1]] || [[Planit:How are Taxes Calculated?|Video]] || ||
|| [[:Category:Professional Level 1|1]] || [[Planit:How Are Taxes Calculated?|Video]] || ||
| 4 || Unplanned Savings || ''What are the 'unplanned savings' appearing in my client's plan?'' ||
| 4 || Unplanned Savings || ''What are the 'unplanned savings' appearing in my client's plan?'' ||

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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

The Long-Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet (LTCF) is an audit tool that presents all of the behind-the-scenes calculations for your client's financial plan. Using a LTCF allows you to ensure that your data entry was accurate, explain how calculations were done to your client, and interpret withdrawal and tax strategies. Take a look at the topics below to review all of the different components of the Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheets to learn how to interpret them.

Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheets Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada
1 Introduction to the Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet What is the Long Term Cash Flow spreadsheet, and how can I use it to better my financial services?
  • Audit document of annual numbers
  • Understand taxation implications
  • Check accuracy of plan
2 Video
2 Investment Income Distribution How does PlanPlus Planit determine the 'Investment Income Distribution' as shown in the Long Term Cash Flow?
  • Manual entry for modular process
  • Breakdown into Growth, Investment Income, Dividends
  • Put into Investment and Dividend Income
  • Taxation - Specific assumptions for taxation
2 Video
3 How are Taxes Calculated? How are taxes calculated in PlanPlus Planit?
  • Jurisdiction specific graduated income tax
  • Taxation of investment income, withdrawals
  • Taxation in revenue and other data entry fields
  • Tax optimization for account withdrawal
  • Income tax splitting
1 Video
4 Unplanned Savings What are the 'unplanned savings' appearing in my client's plan?
  • Long Term Cash Flow Savings
  • Track additional incomes
2 Video
5 Life Goals in the Long Term Cash Flow How can I interpret the 'Goal Funding' section of the Long Term Cash Flow?
  • Outflow of capital for goals
  • Inflation
  • Current to retirement lifestyle
2 Video
6 TFSA Optimization How does PlanPlus Planit optimize savings and withdrawals for the TFSA?
  • Top-up into TFSA based on room
  • Annual TFSA contributions
  • Withdrawing from the TFSA
  • Unplanned savings into the TFSA first
2 Video
Introduction to Life Planning How does PlanPlus Planit help me manage my clients' life goals?
  • What is life goals planning
  • Cash flow based methodology
  • Graduated tax calculations
  • Multiple objectives
  • Auto Model process
2 Video
Income Tax Splitting How do I show that my clients will split their pension income in order to reduce their taxes payable?
  • Setting on the Planning Assumptions screen
  • What, when and how income is split
  • Reduction in taxes payable
1 Text Text
Override Default Withdrawals How do I override the withdrawals assumed by PlanPlus Planit?
  • When it is appropriate
  • Pensions & Other Revenue forced withdrawal data entry
  • Tax optimization alternative
2 Video
Auto Model Process How does Planit determine what changes my client needs to make for financial success?
  • Purpose of AutoModel
  • AutoModel steps for solution
  • Client data gathering and presentation
2 Video
Introduction to the Your Working Documents Screen How do I use the Working Documents Screen? How do I create a document or report?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Document generation
C Video
What Kind of Documents are There? What kinds of documents and reports can I produce on Planit? Which document is right for my clients' needs?
  • Total number of documents and type
  • Sample IPS, PFS, IFP (overview)
  • High overview of document titles
  • Document production by process flow
  • Refer to Your Working Documents, planplus.com
2 Video
Indexation What does the Indexation field mean, and how does it affect my client's plan?
  • Alternative to inflation
  • Example of different index (inheritance, education costs)
  • Future Value of revenue or expense relative to rest
1 Video
Inflation Assumption How does the inflation assumption affect my client's plan?
  • Planning assumptions value
  • Indexation default for savings, goals, pensions/revenues
  • Rate of Return includes inflation
  • Tax rates inflate (tax creep)
  • Present Value vs Future Value (discount rate)
C Video