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Geographylogo.png Languages: Français | Español | 中文
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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

If you elect to use the Product Selection feature you’ll be able to select specific securities to fulfill the client’s target asset allocation. Take a look at the topics below to learn more about the features and functions of the Product Selection screen.

Product Selection Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Generic
1 Introduction to the Product Selection Screen What do I enter on the Product Selection Screen?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Basic screen flow
2 Apply a Portfolio How do I recommend an investment portfolio to my client's assets?
  • Product Selection Choose Portfolio
  • Matching portfolios to asset allocation recommendation
3 Apply Favourite Products How do I recommend my favourite products to my client's investments?
  • Product Selection Choose Favourites
  • Change balance to more than $0
4 Apply a Fund How do I recommend an investment product to my client's assets?
  • Product Selection Choose Fund
  • Change balance to more than $0
5 Rebalancing Summary How do I read the Rebalancing Summary to understand how I've recommended investment products?
  • Assume some products or portfolios added
  • Align with risk and target asset allocation
  • Read target, recommended, and difference
  • Adjust fields for Net 0 difference
6 Tactical Implementation - Savings What information do I need to enter on the Savings tab of the Product Selection screen?
  • Enter savings recommendations
  • Savings Commentary
  • Appearance in documents
7 Protection Products What information do I need to enter on the Protection Products tab of the Product Selection screen?
  • Preview of needs on death and disability
  • Adding insurance product recommendations
  • No entry required
  • Insurance Commentary
Favourite Products How do I make a quick list of products that I recommend often?
  • Menu Favourite Products
  • Product search
  • Add list and products
Preferred Portfolios How do I set up standard investment portfolios with products I want to recommend?
  • Preferred Portfolios screen
  • Add products (search)
  • Weighting products
  • Portfolios by risk tolerance
Fund Fact Sheets Where can I find more detailed information on a certain product, possibly to present to my client?
  • Access through Product Search
  • Reports vary by deployment
  • Some of the key fund properties covered
Investment Commentary How can I keep track of comments I have regarding the products I recommend to my clients?
  • Access from Product Selection screen or Notes menu
  • Data entry for notes
Shariah Compliance How do I recommend products to my Islamic client's assets so that they are shariah compliant?
  • Same as other product recommendation
  • Overview create Favourites List
  • Overview Choose Favourites (PS)