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There is more than one way to learn about PlanPlus Planit. Check out our other Training options, from structured tracks around planning types, to self-serve, mix-and-match topics.

Training commitments are difficult to make and all of us want to see results quickly after making such a commitment. At PlanPlus we have developed a variety of training options that take advantage of a variety of learning methods and technologies to allow the development of custom training programs that are best suited to each individual deployment.

Core Training

PlanPlus Planit's core training is made up of videos and text which deal with all of the planning features of the software. Each topic will walk users through different planning steps, and explain the screen functions along the way. Topics are broken up into planning 'tasks' so that you can quickly find the information you need to complete a specific step, as well as benefit from structured tracks outlining the greater process.

Help is Context-Sensitive

Clicking the Help link from the Planit Menu Bar will bring you straight to the training you need in Planipedia. Planit will recognize which screen you are on (for example, the Assets & Liabilities Screen), and take you right to the index for the Assets & Liabilities Screen Training. From there you can search through the topics to find the one that will best answer your question. If you don't find the training you need here, you can also use the Training Options link to bring you here, where you can browse more training tracks and categories. You can also always use the Search menu on the left-hand side of Planipedia to look for more training.

Watch and Read

Planit Training is provided in both video and text format, to cater to different learning needs as much as possible, although not all topics will be available in both media types. The video clips will allow you to see the data entry process and navigation first hand, and the text will allow you to quickly find more specific content quickly.


These videos and other materials are organized into 'tracks' so that you get the training that is relevant to your learning objective. And just as there are many different learning objectives for PlanPlus Planit, there are many different tracks. Take a look at some of the tracks to see which one best suit your need. This gives you the structure of knowing which videos are appropriate to your needs, as well as the flexibility to skip ahead, or look at certain features in more detail.

Training Tracks

Planning Area

Investment Management Retirement or Education Planning Life Goals Planning Integrated Planning

By Screen

Home Screen Personal Information Screen Engagement Screen Planning Assumptions Screen
Assets & Liabilities Screen Insurance Screen Cash Flow Management Screen Goals & Objectives Screen
Pensions and Other Revenues Screen Will Information Screen Savings Screen Risk Profile Screen
Portfolio Objectives Screen Asset Allocation Screen Modelling Assumptions Screen Results Screen
Product Selection Screen Your Working Documents Screen

By Document

Investment Policy Statement Personal Financial Strategy Integrated Financial Plan Retirement Income Planning Report
Initial Assessment Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet

By Version Release

Version 5.16 Version 6.0 Version 6.1

And Even More Planning Needs...

Getting Started Administration Why You Should Use PlanPlus Planit Islamic Planning
Practice Management Calculators

Search by Country, Editions, or Language

Planit training topics apply to a variety of countries, Planit Editions, and are available in a variety of languages.


On the Track pages, you'll see what jurisdiction a certain topic applies to - it might be generic, which means the content applies to any country, it might be specific to one country, or there might be different versions of the same topic for different countries. Simply click on the link under the jurisdiction that best applies to you. If you want, you can even choose to sort the videos by a country - just click the small sort box beside your country.

Screen Shot Country Videos.png


Every training topic is categorized by its PlanPlus Planit Edition. Since not all features are available at every level, this will help you determine which topics are applicable to Planit as you see it. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the Category section, where you'll see the lowest applicable Edition. You can also see the Edition on the Track page, under the Level column. If you want, you can even choose to sort the videos by edition - just click the small sort box beside Level.

There are even pages where you can see all of the topics for an edition. Check out the features on the Community Edition, Professional Level 1, Professional Level 2 and Professional Level 3.

  • Note: If you have Professional Level 1, this allows means that any videos categorized as Community Edition will also be available to you. Similarly, any Professional Level 1 or Community Edition features are also available to Professional Level 2 users, and all topics for Community Edition, Professional Level 1 and Professional Level 2, are also available to Professional Level 3 users.


While not all the of same materials are available in every language, from any Track or topic page you can link to the most related topic in the languages available languages. Just use the Language bar at the top of the screen, to get the right material in your language.

Other Types of Training

To see all of the training options available check out the PlanPlus website.

Planit Learning Circle

PlanPlus Planit Learning Circle is a live training community designed to help you use PlanPlus Planit effectively. These are targeted to specific scenarios and topics that users come across. For example, one session might be on how to incorporate a defined benefit pension plan into the life goals analysis, or perhaps how to do a comprehensive needs on death analysis using a life goals approach.

To have a look at sessions delivered in the past for topics that are of interest to you, click here and we'll take you to a listing of past sessions that you can view at your leisure.

Our new sessions will begin in November. click here.

Virtual Training

This method of training utilizes technology to do web based presentations to small to midsized groups by Webcast. There are three session in the series and each are 2 hours in duration for a total of 6 hours of content. The topics cover 1) Modular Goal Planning 2) Life Goals Planning and 3) Investment Planning.

These sessions are interactive where participants can ask questions and the presenter can be responsive to demonstrate answers to various questions. There are also exercises as part of the program that allow the participants to practice what they have learned in each session to ensure that they have mastered the topic covered. These three sessions provide the foundational learning needed to become a proficient user of the system.

For more information, visit the PlanPlus website, or click here to register.

Case Consultations

Learning theory and concepts is one thing but applying the things learned to real client cases and situations are often where the whole training process can go off the rails. Our case consultation service gives you the final piece of the puzzle to ensure you get maximum benefit from your training investment. This service allows a user to access one of our PlanPlus client services staff (often CFP) to review difficult cases where assistance is needed in dealing with complex situation. It can even be for less complicated cases where the user is merely trying to get a comfort level with the tool.

To find out more or to register, click here.

Practice Management Tools

Below are links to some additional tools that will help you manage your practice - whether it is collecting data from your clients easily, or fine-tuning your calculations. Also take a look at the Practice Management Track to see more about how to use PlanPlus Planit as a tool alongside your knowledge and processes to increase your practice's success and profitability.


Should all other alternatives not provide the assistance needed, the PlanPlus Support Desk is available to answer questions for all PlanPlus Planit Professional Edition users. In cases where the corporate deployment is providing first line support to users, our help desk will be a valuable resource to those corporate staff that might need help from time to time.

In addition PlanPlus Planit provides an online chat facility where you can start a chat with a support desk person virtually 24/7. This often can get you the answer you need right away. The Live Chat facility is accessed right on the PlanPlus Planit site, usually on the menu bar or in the body of the Home page.