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The Will Information screen is where you will enter all information relevant to a client's estate. Check out the topics in the track below to learn about the various features and functions available for this screen.

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Will Information Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Introduction to the Will Information Screen What do I enter on the Will Information Screen?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Will Information tab
  • Distribution tab
  • Analysis tab
3 Video
2 Will Information How do I enter information about my client's will?
  • Will information screen
  • Data entry
3 Video
3 Estate Distributions How do I show my client's desired distribution of his/her estate?
  • Will Information screen
  • First, second, residual distribution
3 Video
4 Will Information Analysis Tab How do I adjust the estate income taxes and view estate reports?
  • Estate taxable income
  • Estate tax credits
  • Income tax report same as cash flow
  • Review purpose of other reports
3 Video
5 Estate Distribution Analysis How do I interpret the Estate Distribution Analysis, or present it to my client?
  • Account distribution
  • Residual distributions
  • Taxation
  • Estate value/erosion
  • Determine need for estate planning
3 Video
6 Estate Net Worth How can I interpret and present the Estate Net Worth report?
  • Access on Will Information screen
  • Overview of estate value and erosion
  • Determine need for additional estate planning
3 Video
7 Estate Liquidity Analysis How can I interpret and present the Estate Liquidity Report?
  • Access on Will Information screen
  • Liquid assets available versus estate funds needed
  • Determine need for additional estate planning
3 Video
Estate Assumptions Where can I change assumed estate expenses and fees, and what does this affect?
  • Planning Assumptions data entry fields
  • Estate distribution analysis and needs on death
3 Video
Disposition Strategy How do I properly show the disposition strategy of my client's personal use or business asset in the event of retirement or death?
  • Detailed account disposition data entry
  • Created revenue stream Pensions and Other Revenues
2 Video
Beneficiary Designation How do I designate a beneficiary for an account?
  • Edit account
  • Assign beneficiary
  • Preview Estate Distribution Analysis
3 Video
Subject to Probate Where do I identify probate fees for accounts?
  • Probate rate on Planning Assumptions
  • Edit account
  • Check Subject to Probate
  • Preview Estate Distribution Analysis
3 Video
Faraid Distributions How do I show my Islamic client's with to distribute his/her estate according to Faraid?
  • Faraid distribution rules/charts
  • Spouse Beneficiary
  • Child Beneficiary
  • Residual beneficiary
3 Video